So…Did I Accomplish My 2015 NY´s Resolutions?

Yesterday (12/23/15) was my one year anniversary on this site! That´s so crazy. I am currently re-reading my blog posts from this time last year and I thought that since I posted my New Year´s Resolutions at the beginning of the year, I should say whether or not I accomplished them.

1. Stretch at least once a week–I definitely did this. 

2. Work out at least three times a week once soccer ends. —Guilty as charged. Definitely did not, unfortunately. 

3. Try new things–YES!!!

4. Write and read more. i.e. Finish novel.–Okay, but how did I even think I could´ve finished my novel this year? 

5. Do daily devos–No 😦

6. Spoil my mom more–Not really. 

7. Go out more during summer–Hmmm…I don´t think so…But I definitely went out a ton this year.

8. Eat healthier–I ate so much unhealthier than I did last year. 

9. Go to sleep/wake up earlier–Most definitely. 

10. Make time Saturday mornings–????

11. Stop being so materialistic—A bit, I would like to think. 

12. Talk to different people–YES!!!

13. Do more of what you love–YES!!!

14. Stop caring about other people’s opinions and start caring more about God’s–Definitely. 

15. Read different genres—Ooooooh definitely. 

16. Spend less time on social media–Nah. 

17. Be more selfless–I´m not really sure…I´d like to think so. 

18. Get involved with projects you care about–Yes. 

19. Spend more time talking to God–Sigh. 

20. Try to understand people, observe more.–Yes. 

21. Be less prideful–Unfortunately not…

22. Be more curious—More of a character trait, so I´d say yes. 

23. Love on Patches & Oreo more (My cat and dog)–Sadly, my dear cat, Patches, died this year. 

24. Run a 5k–Shooting for next year!

25. Change up your look–I feel like I´ve become more business casual. 


I have yet to make my resolutions for 2016. I´m going to try to do that tomorrow (today…? It´s 1am).

Seeing as it´s Christmas Eve (!!!!!) I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their holidays.

As a throwback from my farewell from last year´s blog posts…

Goodnight, you owls.

¨Alice asked the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, ¨What road do I take?¨

The cat asked, ¨Where do you want to go?¨

¨I don´t know,¨ answered Alice.

¨Then,¨ said the cat, ¨it really doesn´t matter, does it?¨

–Lewis Carroll, Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland



Wow! I haven´t posted since September! That´s crazy! Absolutely insane!

So much has happened since I last happened…So much…as I´m sure for you it has as well. It´s interesting how time flies when you get into a routine filled with nothing but deadlines and work and you miss all the good things in life you used to enjoy.

I knew it would be hard this semester, I just…it´s really hit me full force. I´m certain I mentioned how I applied for boarding school last year, but did I mention I´m not re-applying? I desperately want to, but…

I can´t believe December is in a few days. Woah. I have so much to do this weekend (school). My parents also want me to do chores and I have to visit my dad since my parents are separated. I also want to find time to read, relax, and tumblr.

Plus, finals are coming up in three (?) weeks, so I most definitely won´t be posting until then. Sigh.

I can´t wait for Christmas break so I can write my novels! I´m so excited! Agh!

Well, that´s all for now…I´m not sure what/when I´ll post next.

But in the meantime…Happy Holidays and good luck to all the students taking finals soon! I know it´s stressful this time of year (money, Christmas, school), but we can get through it!


Recently Finished Book: ¨Crewel¨ by Gennifer Albin

Wow! It’s been so long since I posted. Only a month, but still. So much has happened. School started on August 12th (I think) and I’ve been loaded down with homework ever since!

It’s Labor Day weekend which is basically the only reason I’m blogging. Also, it’s procrastination. I have tons of homework. Tons to do. Tons to prepare for. And I want to write a bit tonight and maybe watch a movie. It’s not a school night, so I’ll try to do all of it.

But anyways.

I recently finished the book Crewel by Gennifer Albin. I actually could not put this book down.

When in school, and if I have a bit of free time after class, I would usually try to finish homework for the next day or study or something, but this time I picked up this book!

Here’s the synopsis.

I don’t want to give anything away since the books builds and builds until BAM. You’re like what the heck just happened and the next thing you know you’re off to get the sequel from your local library.

I think the author does a brilliant job at creating her characters. They’re so well developed.

Definitely give this a read if you’d like and let me know your thoughts.

Any books you think I should check out?

My School Essentials

What’s that I smell? School?! FINALLY!

I am so excited for school to start in about a week, you guys. Agh! Yay!

I decided to write about my school essentials today because I always love watching these videos or reading about someone’s essentials. I hope you enjoy mine!

1. A book!

I always, always have a pleasure read with me during school. I don’t get to read much during school, but there’s a comfort in bringing a book around with me. A book is basically my best friend.

2. Ladies, those essentials. 

This one is super important. I make sure to always have either a tampon or a pad on hand just in case I need one, or more importantly, someone else who’s run out! Girls gotta be there for each other, you know?

3. Flashcards

A MUST. Seriously. Like I said in my post about studying a foreign language, these are my life savers. I use them for Latin vocabulary and also, science. I’m sure I’ll be using a ton more this year though, so I’m ready. One thing I like to do with flashcards is, cut them in half, so they last longer. I also like to use colorful pens so it’s not so black and white all round.

4. Hand sanitizer

Definitely a must. My school has over 1500 students in it, so you best believe your girl will be sanitizing her hands after every period. There always seem to be something going around every week, and that mixed with missing classes = NO FUN. Makeup work will be awful this year.

5. Coffee

How more obvious can this one be? Coffee is my love. My life. I love coffee.

(Due to redundancy, I’m not going to include school supplies in this)

6. Agenda! (Does this count as school supplies? No? Good.)

I just bought a Lily Pulitzer Agenda and I’m so excited to start using it. I got the large one for $28 dollars (Don’t give me that look! It goes from August 2015-December 2016. That’s basically two dollars a month. A good investment.)

But for real, agendas/planners are overall a necessity. Go get one. Target has super cute ones for around/under 10 dollars.

I think that’s all I have for you. Surprised I don’t have gum on here? Here’s an article explaining better than I ever could. Interesting read.

What are your school essentials? I’m interested to know! Let me know in the comments!

Happy Back-to-School Season, everyone!

Recently Finished Books: ¨The Awakening¨ by Kate Chopin

Hello blog! Long time, no see. Sorry about that, I’ve actually been quite busy this last week…

When school starts here in two weeks, posts will be scarce. Like scarce. Like not at all.

Anyways, this one is a book review!

I had to read this book for school and at first it was hard to get into. But I absolutely loved it.

It has feminist undertones, which I love, of course, and this book is a great read. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you’ve never read this book, do it.

Do it.

If length is deterring you, no fear! It’s only 155 pages! So read!

That’s it for today…Until next time.

Baking w/ Me: Pumpkin Muffins

Do not give that look. It is not too early for pumpkin muffins.

Okay, maybe it is.

But I’ve been missing fall so much. I needed something to get me through these next couple months of summer. Sigh.

Seriously guys, this recipe is amazing.

The only problem I had with it is that I had to bake them way longer than the suggested time. I probably baked them around 40 minutes. Definitely keep checking on yours through the baking process though.

I got the recipe from here.

Some pumpkin muffins don’t puff up enough, but these did. Amazing. Truly.

The recipe called for a can of pumpkin puree…which is fine by me! Just remember pumpkin puree takes awhile to bake.


The finished product. Beautiful, huh?
The finished product. Beautiful, huh?

Yes, yes. I know. I’ve been baking way too much this week. This is my third muffin recipe this week. Don’t look at me.

I just can’t help it. I don’t know what’s up.

Maybe it’s the fact I’ve been running…

No matter! Hope you enjoyed this recipe  🙂

Recently Finished Books: ¨Conversion¨ by Katherine Howe

Hello, hello! I’m coming at you with another book review.

So, I’ve been trying to expand what I read. I checked out a book by Jane Austen and another by Charles Dickens and while they are both highly respected authors, I ended up not touching the books.

But reading is such a non-academical pastime for me. I want to read the books that are funny, witty, relatable (although I’m sure Jane Austen can be relatable…I’ll find out.), but at the same time, introspective. So, I think that’s why I’m having a harder time reading Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. Because while they do entice me, they don’t entice me like YA does.

Saying this, I have another book review in about a week written in the 1800s and I’m currently loving that book.

Moving on…

Here’s the synopsis for the book I’m reviewing today.

When I started reading this book, I found it interesting that Katherine Howe split her books into the year 2012 and then the year 1706/1692.

While reading about the Salem Witch Trials and the prospect of them faking, I found myself despising the girls because they had wrongly accused women for being witches.

Personally, I don’t know much about the Salem Witch Trials, but I think I will check out some books and find some online articles about it. I’m intrigued.

I also liked how I could relate to the main character, Colleen, so well. As the book continued, you found out why she had been missing what she was missing–she had been solely focused on academics.

I also liked how the book focused on how teenagers are put under so much stress and pressure in high school, not just by parents and teachers, but by themselves too.

What I also liked about this book was Howe didn’t focus too much on her prospective love interest. Meaning that she didn’t focus the book around if they would end up liking each other or not. She focused it on the connections between 1692 and 2012 and Colleen’s life.

You can also tell that the author did an immense amount of research for this book. It really showed and brought the whole book together.

I don’t buy books unless I’m totally in love with them and this is one I’m definitely going to get for my bookshelf.


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

P.S. I made these two muffins on Sunday/Monday.


The blueberry muffins are so healthy and they look it too, but they are so good. I also put streusel on top and it made it that much better!

Here’s the recipe.


Then, for the coffee cake muffins, I used the same recipe from this post. I omitted the streusel though because it has a ton of sugar. I was craving these, but still wanted to eat healthy-ish so that’s what I did!


I watched this Ted Talk on Tuesday morning. It’s all about human trafficking and it kept me engaged the whole time. Definitely give it a watch.

7/16/15: Also, have you seen the recent photos of Pluto? I’M ASTONISHED. It’s so, so amazing.

I bought these two books today!



I’m so excited to start reading them after I finish some others!