So who this the writer of this blog that you probably don’t read and only like for follows? Well, I’ll tell you!

Hm…maybe not the best way to get followers…I’m just telling it like I see it.


I’m just a regular ole’ girl with big dreams. And so is everyone. So what makes me different right? Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find out when my dreams hopefully come true.

Only time will tell.

This blog mostly consists of me getting off topic, me deleting that part, and then starting over.

Oh, wait that was my writing process.

Okay, so this blog mainly consists of book reviews, baking recipes, updates on my life (which I like to think interests people…but let’s be real here. It doesn’t.), and here and there, posts on things that are relevant to my social and political stance.

If you’re a conservative, you probably won’t like my opinions. That’s cool. I don’t agree with you either. It’s mutual, but we can still get along! Read each other’s blogs. That’s cool. That’s fun. That’s chill.

If you don’t believe in feminism, well hi, how ya doin? I’m a feminist, but it’s okay that you don’t see why I’m totally for it. I have this one quote for you: ¨I’m not just a feminist for my own future, but for my son’s future, my daughter’s future, and every upcoming generation’s future.¨

So, this is my blog. And I welcome you with open arms.

I’m me. Nice to meet you.


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