How I Stay Organized: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda


Let´s start with the type of agenda I have: Lilly Pulitzer. I really love this agenda; it does a great job of keeping everything neat and contained, but after experimenting with a few different things over the years, I think I might move from an agenda to a bullet journal in the upcoming school year. (Update: I wrote this two months ago and to confirm, I am definitely doing a bullet journal this upcoming school year!)

FullSizeRender (4)

Day to Day: (For this certain agenda) My school schedule does 8 classes a day. For each day, I would write out the subject and leave it a line to fill in that day´s assignments. I would also make sure to put check boxes beside each one because it honestly makes you feel good when you start your work early and your tasks start dwindling down.

The last semester of school I started putting motivational or character quotes on the last line of each day. I really enjoyed doing this because it helped me stay focused and myself at the start of each day. A little reminder, if you will.

Monthly: In the photo I showed you October and September, I think? September is definitely the one with the sticky note.

Since I have 7 classes I had to keep up with, each class had its own color. Example: Chem–peach, Latin–purple, Math–blue, English–pink, APUSH–mint. I also had a certain color for extracurriculars. This changed throughout the year, but I believe towards the end of the year, it was black, just so it would stand out.

Overall: I really enjoyed keeping this agenda throughout the year. I especially liked the overview of the month before the day to days began. I´m going to have to incorporate that into my bullet journal somehow. Another thing I liked was that it was so vibrant. While my bullet journal won´t be like this during the fall and winter months, I really liked how Lilly kept the theme throughout the year.


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