Recently Finished Books

Y´all. It has been six months since I last posted. I cannot even believe that…(Okay, yes, I can. Sorry!)

I would ~try~ to catch y´all up on my life, but I´d be writing forever. Here´s the gist of it.

  • School
  • Show Choir
  • Family Drama
  • Working on myself and life

So yeah, that´s basically it. But, now that summer is here, I am back at it! I got out of school May 27th, I think, and since about a week ago I´ve been taking a mind break. Okay, maybe not a mind break, more like taking the pressure off of myself so I don´t burnout. Yeah, that´s it.

I actually am in the middle of taking that break since I´m pretty sure I´m on the brink of burnout. When I came to that realization, I was so scared. That can´t happen to me. I decided that no matter what anyone else is doing with their life right now (I have a bad habit of comparing myself to amazing, successful people) I have to take care of myself for my future.

And that´s exactly what I´m doing.

I took the ACT for the first time this past Saturday–(I went in blind, didn´t study, just looked over test format, etc.)–and I´m anxious to know what I got. I have to take it again this fall, with studying. So much to do for junior year! But let´s not think about that, G. Let´s relax and enjoy this week before you start your AP Summer work.

Let´s get on with the post, shall we?

The week before finals, I discovered a book series. This is the worst thing to happen, if you´re a book guru, like me. You know that you can´t just start a book you fell in love with and set it aside for a week. You just can´t. The characters are too enticing, the plot is thickening, and AGH. You finish the first two books when you should be studying.

This book series is called the Age of Legends. First book: Sea of Shadows; Second book: Empire of Night; Third book: Forest of Ruin (which I´m currently reading, along with a marvelous non-fiction book!)

I have not found a series that I´ve completely engulfed myself in since January (The Trylle series and the spin-off, if you remember…if I did a blog post…I don´t remember.)

I 110% recommend reading this series if you´re looking for a nice, thrilling, fantasy book.

Here´s a link to the synopsis.

That´s all I have for you today, folks! If you have any book recommendations, please leave them below! I´m always looking for new books of any genre to read.

xx, G






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