Recently Finished Books: December 2015

First book review of the New Year! Okay, it´s from last year, but hey.

I just finished two trilogies (Is that grammatically correct?); one was called From the World of the Trylle: The Kanin Chronicles and the other was called The Trylle Trilogy. 

Both are so good. I am actually about to start re-reading the latter one…I usually don´t re-read them so quickly, so this definitely says something about how good they are.

I would suggest reading The Trylle Trilogy first because the other one gives away spoilers. I read The Kanin Chronicles first and I already knew who the main character, Wendy, was and who she would marry and a bunch of other spoilers I did not want to know. 

Because of this, it was a bit harder to get into the book, but such great characters were introduced that I absolutely fell in love and I did my best to forget their adult selves in the other series.

The author is Amanda Hocking if you want to check them out at your local library or bookstore.

Quick story on how I stumbled across the first book of The Kanin Chronicles: Frostfire. I was at the bookstore and of course, covers/spines of books always draw people in and Frostfire´s spine is a beautiful red with lovely font, so of course, I grabbed the book! After looking at the cover (and deeming it beautiful), I read the synopsis on the back, then I moved on to reading about thirty pages (a way for me to figure out if I´ll like the book or not).

I read this book super quickly when I got home, but then I didn´t get its companion novels for a few months. When Christmas break began, I re-read Frostfire, read the second book of the series Ice Kissed, then finished Crystal Kingdom, the final book. It´s safe to say the last two books brought me to tears.

I don´t know about y´all, but I love acting as the characters. So, throughout the novel I do that too.

I then started The Trylle Trilogy and I kid you not I started it around 7pm one night and finished them the next day by 1pm. Seriously. I finished the first two books at night, then read until I had about 150 pages of the third book to fall asleep. That´s how great and captivating this series is.

Amanda Hocking completely divulges you into this greatly developed world where you want to stay and live and experience it for yourself, and you do, but unfortunately, we all know we have to set the book down sometime and get back to living our own life 😦

Although The Trylle Trilogy did inspire me to eat more fruits and The Kanin Chronicles inspired me to workout and be a bad butt.

As school is looming nearer and nearer (I start on the 5th), I´m falling back into a productive routine. Tonight, my bedtime is 1am and I am going to wake up at 9am to start my day and get going. I´m also buying some school supplies tomorrow so I´m super excited for that.

Oh! On the topic of books, one of my goals this year is to read at least 52 books (although I´ll definitely read more with spring and summer break). My New Year´s and Academic Resolutions will be posted soon, as will my At a Glance: 2015 post!

Happy Reading!

¨An unexamined life is not worth living.¨-Socrates


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