So…Did I Accomplish My 2015 NY´s Resolutions?

Yesterday (12/23/15) was my one year anniversary on this site! That´s so crazy. I am currently re-reading my blog posts from this time last year and I thought that since I posted my New Year´s Resolutions at the beginning of the year, I should say whether or not I accomplished them.

1. Stretch at least once a week–I definitely did this. 

2. Work out at least three times a week once soccer ends. —Guilty as charged. Definitely did not, unfortunately. 

3. Try new things–YES!!!

4. Write and read more. i.e. Finish novel.–Okay, but how did I even think I could´ve finished my novel this year? 

5. Do daily devos–No 😦

6. Spoil my mom more–Not really. 

7. Go out more during summer–Hmmm…I don´t think so…But I definitely went out a ton this year.

8. Eat healthier–I ate so much unhealthier than I did last year. 

9. Go to sleep/wake up earlier–Most definitely. 

10. Make time Saturday mornings–????

11. Stop being so materialistic—A bit, I would like to think. 

12. Talk to different people–YES!!!

13. Do more of what you love–YES!!!

14. Stop caring about other people’s opinions and start caring more about God’s–Definitely. 

15. Read different genres—Ooooooh definitely. 

16. Spend less time on social media–Nah. 

17. Be more selfless–I´m not really sure…I´d like to think so. 

18. Get involved with projects you care about–Yes. 

19. Spend more time talking to God–Sigh. 

20. Try to understand people, observe more.–Yes. 

21. Be less prideful–Unfortunately not…

22. Be more curious—More of a character trait, so I´d say yes. 

23. Love on Patches & Oreo more (My cat and dog)–Sadly, my dear cat, Patches, died this year. 

24. Run a 5k–Shooting for next year!

25. Change up your look–I feel like I´ve become more business casual. 


I have yet to make my resolutions for 2016. I´m going to try to do that tomorrow (today…? It´s 1am).

Seeing as it´s Christmas Eve (!!!!!) I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their holidays.

As a throwback from my farewell from last year´s blog posts…

Goodnight, you owls.

¨Alice asked the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, ¨What road do I take?¨

The cat asked, ¨Where do you want to go?¨

¨I don´t know,¨ answered Alice.

¨Then,¨ said the cat, ¨it really doesn´t matter, does it?¨

–Lewis Carroll, Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland

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