Wow! I haven´t posted since September! That´s crazy! Absolutely insane!

So much has happened since I last happened…So much…as I´m sure for you it has as well. It´s interesting how time flies when you get into a routine filled with nothing but deadlines and work and you miss all the good things in life you used to enjoy.

I knew it would be hard this semester, I just…it´s really hit me full force. I´m certain I mentioned how I applied for boarding school last year, but did I mention I´m not re-applying? I desperately want to, but…

I can´t believe December is in a few days. Woah. I have so much to do this weekend (school). My parents also want me to do chores and I have to visit my dad since my parents are separated. I also want to find time to read, relax, and tumblr.

Plus, finals are coming up in three (?) weeks, so I most definitely won´t be posting until then. Sigh.

I can´t wait for Christmas break so I can write my novels! I´m so excited! Agh!

Well, that´s all for now…I´m not sure what/when I´ll post next.

But in the meantime…Happy Holidays and good luck to all the students taking finals soon! I know it´s stressful this time of year (money, Christmas, school), but we can get through it!



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