My School Essentials

What’s that I smell? School?! FINALLY!

I am so excited for school to start in about a week, you guys. Agh! Yay!

I decided to write about my school essentials today because I always love watching these videos or reading about someone’s essentials. I hope you enjoy mine!

1. A book!

I always, always have a pleasure read with me during school. I don’t get to read much during school, but there’s a comfort in bringing a book around with me. A book is basically my best friend.

2. Ladies, those essentials. 

This one is super important. I make sure to always have either a tampon or a pad on hand just in case I need one, or more importantly, someone else who’s run out! Girls gotta be there for each other, you know?

3. Flashcards

A MUST. Seriously. Like I said in my post about studying a foreign language, these are my life savers. I use them for Latin vocabulary and also, science. I’m sure I’ll be using a ton more this year though, so I’m ready. One thing I like to do with flashcards is, cut them in half, so they last longer. I also like to use colorful pens so it’s not so black and white all round.

4. Hand sanitizer

Definitely a must. My school has over 1500 students in it, so you best believe your girl will be sanitizing her hands after every period. There always seem to be something going around every week, and that mixed with missing classes = NO FUN. Makeup work will be awful this year.

5. Coffee

How more obvious can this one be? Coffee is my love. My life. I love coffee.

(Due to redundancy, I’m not going to include school supplies in this)

6. Agenda! (Does this count as school supplies? No? Good.)

I just bought a Lily Pulitzer Agenda and I’m so excited to start using it. I got the large one for $28 dollars (Don’t give me that look! It goes from August 2015-December 2016. That’s basically two dollars a month. A good investment.)

But for real, agendas/planners are overall a necessity. Go get one. Target has super cute ones for around/under 10 dollars.

I think that’s all I have for you. Surprised I don’t have gum on here? Here’s an article explaining better than I ever could. Interesting read.

What are your school essentials? I’m interested to know! Let me know in the comments!

Happy Back-to-School Season, everyone!


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