Recently Finished Books: ¨Conversion¨ by Katherine Howe

Hello, hello! I’m coming at you with another book review.

So, I’ve been trying to expand what I read. I checked out a book by Jane Austen and another by Charles Dickens and while they are both highly respected authors, I ended up not touching the books.

But reading is such a non-academical pastime for me. I want to read the books that are funny, witty, relatable (although I’m sure Jane Austen can be relatable…I’ll find out.), but at the same time, introspective. So, I think that’s why I’m having a harder time reading Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. Because while they do entice me, they don’t entice me like YA does.

Saying this, I have another book review in about a week written in the 1800s and I’m currently loving that book.

Moving on…

Here’s the synopsis for the book I’m reviewing today.

When I started reading this book, I found it interesting that Katherine Howe split her books into the year 2012 and then the year 1706/1692.

While reading about the Salem Witch Trials and the prospect of them faking, I found myself despising the girls because they had wrongly accused women for being witches.

Personally, I don’t know much about the Salem Witch Trials, but I think I will check out some books and find some online articles about it. I’m intrigued.

I also liked how I could relate to the main character, Colleen, so well. As the book continued, you found out why she had been missing what she was missing–she had been solely focused on academics.

I also liked how the book focused on how teenagers are put under so much stress and pressure in high school, not just by parents and teachers, but by themselves too.

What I also liked about this book was Howe didn’t focus too much on her prospective love interest. Meaning that she didn’t focus the book around if they would end up liking each other or not. She focused it on the connections between 1692 and 2012 and Colleen’s life.

You can also tell that the author did an immense amount of research for this book. It really showed and brought the whole book together.

I don’t buy books unless I’m totally in love with them and this is one I’m definitely going to get for my bookshelf.


I hope you all enjoyed this post!

P.S. I made these two muffins on Sunday/Monday.


The blueberry muffins are so healthy and they look it too, but they are so good. I also put streusel on top and it made it that much better!

Here’s the recipe.


Then, for the coffee cake muffins, I used the same recipe from this post. I omitted the streusel though because it has a ton of sugar. I was craving these, but still wanted to eat healthy-ish so that’s what I did!


I watched this Ted Talk on Tuesday morning. It’s all about human trafficking and it kept me engaged the whole time. Definitely give it a watch.

7/16/15: Also, have you seen the recent photos of Pluto? I’M ASTONISHED. It’s so, so amazing.

I bought these two books today!



I’m so excited to start reading them after I finish some others!


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