In the Now: June 2015

June 23rd: Okay, so today I did my second APUSH assignment today and it was really intriguing. I honestly wait for Monday to come just so I can see the assignment and get it done. We have to do four assignments out of how ever many he posts this summer. I also finally got my summer reading books. I’ve been waiting forever to get them. I’m so excited to read them and make notes and annotations! If you couldn’t tell by now, I hate summer. I really do. I’m much more of a fall/winter girl. All I have to do (officially) is order my APUSH textbooks. (Sidenote: For anyone who doesn’t know what APUSH is, it stands for AP U.S. History) I can’t wait for school.

So, it’s the currently the day I’m supposed to post this update. I was going to write a little bit about my dad for a week leading up to this, but I forget. I’ll try again this week.

Right now, I am feeling loved. I have one of my best friends, E, over. Our conversations make me happy because they can go from her boyfriend to Spencer Reid to school to psychology to talking about our thoughts in 3 seconds.

Last night I wrote in my journal: “I hope me and E remain friends until one of us dies. I’ll have lost a soulmate if we aren’t. (Side note: You know how soulmates aren’t just limited to romance ones?) I’ll always be wondering whose life she’s gracing upon. I hope I won’t have to wonder.”

The reason I shared this is because the whole world needs to see how beautiful and bright her soul is. Even if it is only a few people reading this blog, now more people now how she’s touched my life.

(She literally knows everything about me and she’s the only person who has ever known everything about me, so that’s kinda cool, huh?)

Alright, moving on…

Last week I was forced against my will to do a camp I didn’t want to do. It turned out to be fun, but even knowing that, I will not do it again.

Hopefully, this week I’ll start my summer reading…currently, I’m waiting for my APUSH teacher to post the next assignment.

I also pet-sat this weekend. I enjoy that much, much more than baby-sitting.

There’s 23 more days until registration for school and I couldn’t be more excited. (Totally kidding. You should see me the day of registration.)

Oh! I’m happy about Friday’s decision.

That’s all for today. My life isn’t too exciting!

“I’ve come to one conclusion. I hate politics. I’d much rather stick to the worlds of science and literature.” –Anonymous 


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