Okay, so this is something I wrote awhile back. I haven’t read through it and it’s probably totally awful since I have no idea what I’m writing half the time, but nonetheless, I’m sharing it.

12am. She’s awake wondering why she can’t ever get a break.

1am. All she sees are stars illuminating the night and all she’s been thinking is “Why? Why can’t I shine so brightly from so far away?”

2am. The crisp air visibilizes her breath. She’s stuck on the science of wondering how long it takes for a human body to go numb.

3am. A light has come on inside the house. Her little sister’s face peers out, calling for her to please, please come back inside.

4am. She wonders why all this tragedy is directed at her. She thinks to herself: “I’d rather have it than anyone else.”

5am. “I don’t wish this on anyone,” she writes. “The nights are glowing, the days are not. My soul is tired, but I will continue on. I will.”

6am. She stands up from a sleepless night. She thinks about how many people are up and alive. Their hands gripped the steering wheel as they drive to work. Some have everything going for them, some don’t. She wonders where she lies in that equation.


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