7 Things I Learned My Freshman Year

NaBloPoMo #4

1) The Importance of Hard Work. Every grade I got this year was by no means easy for me. I didn’t just glance at the work before a test and have a perfect memorization of that. I understand it. I become more curious.

2) Being smart? Being hard-working. So many people this year came up to me and said “Wow, you’re so smart!” Of course, I smiled and said “Lol, thanks” back, because what else are you going to do?, but I also knew that all these good grades was because of my hard work at home.

3) Gossip is not a sign of a good friend. Of course, we all do it, but I still hate it.  I had a friend this year who would just gossip so, so much. It got so tiring, so boring. 

4) Staying true to yourself is hard.  This year, people teased me about being organized and hard-working and dedicating so much time to school. I mean, they did it jokingly, but I knew they still meant it. Some days I just tried to tone it down a bit, so I could seem “normal” or “cool”, but that didn’t get me anywhere. I had to learn how to not let other people influence what I wanted and who I was.

5) The only competitor you should compete with is yourself. In my biology class, I was used to being the only person getting top scores & stuff. But then, this guy started taking meds (b/c he had ADHD) and suddenly, he was scoring higher than me. This made me furious. I had worked my butt off this whole year and now he was getting the recognition? I didn’t think so. Having this quiet competition with him was not fun. I learned to focus on me, and only me.

6) Having a bad attitude will not get anything you have to do, get done well. Many, many of my friends hate school. I couldn’t let their attitude get in the way of mine. Having a positive and motivated attitude towards things you don’t want to do really helps get the job done well. I wasn’t procrastinating or struggling or getting upset when I had to do my homework.

7) The importance of downtime. Being a full time student-athlete is not easy. It’s emotionally draining. That’s why I would usually save Friday nights and Saturdays for myself so I could rejuvenate my mind and body and this worked wonders.


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