Let It Go: I’m Exhausted

Okay, so I’m writing this to just say all the things I have no one else to share with. Of course, I have friends, extremely great friends I could talk to, but who wants to hear my problems? And why would I share so much of myself to someone?

Anyway, let’s move on…

These last few weeks have, no doubt, been exhausting. Today  Tonight has been the downfall. I feel like my entire family is ganging up on me. I have done nothing wrong–and when you read this, you aren’t getting a biased answer. My sister is yelling at me and insulting me because of how “annoying” I am, my dad is having his usual lashing out, and I am taking it and trying to ignore the feelings of despair I am getting so I can finish my school work.

I am also majorly stressed for school. I have a short essay due Monday (I have written three rough drafts and can’t decide a topic), a math test on Monday (I need to get a 100 on this one), and a biology test on Tuesday (need a 100). On top of that, I have to accept some award when I should be in my biology class checking over my study guide answers.

Meltdowns do not mix with studying. I’m not sure how I got through them first semester, but right now, I’m trying to channel my first semester self. So, naturally, I came to my blog to vent.

I am exhausted. I want to sleep. I want to get away from this world, albeit a few hours. But I am nothing if I don’t work these late hours to get done what is needed to succeed. I will not be upset for nothing. I will put all this anger and despair into my work to get those 100’s. To get to the Ivy League. I will succeed. Failing is not an option.

Side Note: 

I will hopefully have a baking blog post up tomorrow. It’s going to be an exciting one. Of course, not my own recipe, but I love sharing them. Happy Weekend.


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