My Experience with Lent 2015

Well, hello blog I temporarily forget to write on. It’s nice to see you.

So, I’ve been super busy this past month honestly. Not just with events, but emotionally.

I haven’t been writing much since last time I posted on this blog either. But I did just pump out five pages each on both of my stories, so there’s that. I’m currently writing right now, but taking a break.

Speaking of breaks, netflix anyone? Favorite shows? I am currently in love with Criminal Minds and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You must watch both of them.

When I’m not netflixing (Yes, you read that correctly. I have turned it into a verb) or writing, I’m usually doing school work since I have been stressed to the max lately. So much to get done between now and summer. Honestly. I needed spring break to get my motivation back.

Before I forget, is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? I’m not. I will most likely be participating this November though! Hats off to anyone taking the challenge. You are the real deal. 

But this blog post isn’t an update on me, it’s about the holiday tomorrow. Easter.

Let’s get started.


Religious views aside for a second, Easter is a fun holiday. The kids love waking up to an Easter basket filled with enough chocolate to give you cavities and a stomach ache, the bakers lover making pastel treats for the whole family to munch on, the grandmothers love seeing their grandchildren.

I don’t know if anyone else who reads my blog participated in Lent, but I did. I’m not Catholic, but I thought “Why not? To suffer like Jesus suffered through his forty days of fasting?”

Of course, I didn’t even come close to suffering as much as He did. It was my first year participating and I think I’ll give up something much, much harder.

What did you give up if you participated? Netflix (maybe I’ll do that next year?)? Chocolate? Make-up? Alcohol?

I gave up fast food, which was somewhat of a challenge since I get it quite often. But somehow, I managed to get through it, no matter how many times I craved Zaxby’s fries. Ugh. Zaxby’s fries.

Anyways, Happy Easter!


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