Recently Finished Books: February 2015

Alright. I have a confession. I haven’t been keeping track of the books I’ve finished lately. Sigh.

But I do have one that left quite the impact on me. This book took me about a month to read since it was very informational. I usually read about two, or sometimes three, books at a time.

So, the book is called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.

Quiet is such an amazing books that explains introverts, why we are, how we are, and what we are. It’s so eye-opening and I was like “Oh my gosh. I do that!” throughout the entire book. It explains why were do the things we do and it’s really quite fascinating.

I usually don’t highlight in books unless it’s for school, but I just had to in this one, mainly to reference it in the future.

The book also had insanely cool stories of fellow introverts. But it wasn’t all about introverts–oh no, extroverts got some spotlight as well.

Something really unique–The Extrovert Ideal–was explained. I think about it all the time now in situations where it is the Extrovert Ideal. It also had parts like introverts during public speeches, marriage with introverts/extroverts. Cain really touched on a lot of interesting topics. It also had this fascinating narration of this experiment that was executed on little babies. Quite interesting.

This book has noticeable effort and it’s so well put-together. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.


Weekly Update:

Sorry this review wasn’t very detailed…I finished it a few weeks ago. Also, my friend is borrowing it. I might update this when she returns it though.

This week has been so abnormal. We had Monday off, a two-hour delay Tuesday and another one on Thursday. It was quite a relaxing week because of this–although I did learn a new tense in Latin.

Something that’s really quite annoying is that teachers start and finish units at the same time, so I have all of my tests in one week. So far next week I have a Latin test and quiz, Biology test, and a Math test. I feel like I’m missing something. Oh yes!

We recently received our course selection sheets for next year. Let me tell you, those are stressing me out to the max. Like, honestly. I think I’ve got all my classes figured out except one of my electives. Literary magazine or show choir? I’m not sure.

I also baked banana muffins this week and they turned out delicious. I was hoping to do the healthy recipe, but maybe next time. Keep an eye out for a baking post. Tomorrow is pancake day. Time to find a protein pancake recipe.

Speaking of baking, I really want to learn the entire process of designing recipes, like how the ingredients interact with each other, what some ingredients do, etc. I think it’d be so cool to share some of my recipes on here.

That’s all for now. Goodnight.

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