Eating w/ Me: Healthy(ish) Pancakes and Chipotle

Alright, it’s been about three weeks since I’ve posted on here. Life got in the way.

There’s been so much going on lately so I’ve barely had any time to write and blog, but I’ve missed posting on here! I’m not sure if I ever did tell this blog, but I’ve written TWO chapters of my novel. Not one, but TWO! You might not find it that exciting, but I’ve been working on the novel for over a year. Sigh. Sorry about all of the “buts” by the way. Not sure why I keep making contradictory statements.

I mostly write on the weekends, in case you’re wondering.

Soccer also started, so it’s basically been like this: 5:15-wake-up. 7:10am-2:50pm- School. 2:50- 4:40- Soccer practice. 5-6: Break. 6-8/9- Homework.

That’s how my schedule’s been going for awhile, not to mention games. Game days are when I’m at the school until seven. Sigh. It’s a hard life. (Totally sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell.)

I also have forgotten about my book reviews series I’ve done on here. And I’ve finished a good amount of books since my last one. I’ll try to pick some of my favorites and do a review.

Oh, and one more thing before I get started on what this blog post is really about. I posted a story on my account over on wattpad. Here’s the link if you want to check it out, maybe critique, which I wouldn’t mind at all. I need it, trust me.

Fair warning though, I literally wrote it last night and this morning. It’s a story that’s been circulating in my head. It’s more of a side project so like if I get stuck on my main one, then I’ll write that one. Which is exactly what I did last night.


So there’s been a booming sensation over the past year for a little restaurant called Chipotle. I had heard loads about how great it was, but never actually went. And trust me, I wanted to.

I finally went last Saturday. And you guys. It.was.amazing. My mouth was screaming. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I got the chicken burrito with chicken, fried (I totally just typed friend) rice, and cheese. Ugh. I want some so badly.

I also love their bags. What a genius idea. What better way to spread goodness than through food?

This morning, I was absolutely craving pancakes. (February 17th is National Pancake Day, fyi.) I didn’t want the box kind because where’s the fun in that? Nor did I want the super unhealthy ones.

I wanted whole wheat, but alas, no whole wheat flour.

But I did find this delicious recipe. I just doubled the recipe to make more. Oh, and I was out of vanilla extract so what did I do? I combined almond extract and peppermint extract! Don’t give me that look. Uh-uh.

It may sound gross, but they were seriously delicious. Best substitution I’ve ever made. It also only called for a tablespoon of sugar, which was a nice surprises.

Like my favorite healthy waffle, I drizzled honey on the top. Perfect breakfast to start off my week.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Also, I might do a little “Outfit of the Week” post on here at the end of the week. I think it’d be really fun. Not that my style is the best, but still.

Book review coming up soon, hopefully! 🙂

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