How I Plan to Accomplish NYR’s of 2015

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

NaBloPoMo #7

As previously said, here are my steps on how I plan to accomplish my new years resolutions.

1. Find fun videos of stretching, yoga, etc, to do.

2. Create a workout plan. Try different workouts. Make it fun but exhausting. Find what works for you. Become disciplined.

3. Try something new every week whether it be skirts, food, lipstick, a book, etc. Do it.

4. Look at planning sheet.

5. Set reminders, do them w/ friends, in the morning. This is God’s Word, and you want to learn it.

6. Small surprises, mother’s day, b-day, whenever. Give her the life she deserves.

7. Plan!! Do things!!

8. Drink more water. Try a green smoothie. Try healthier recipes. Talk to mom a/b a cupboard for your healthy foods. Have one cheat meal a week or set up rewards for a week you do eat healthy.

9. Drink sleepy tea. Just do it.

10. Give Saturday mornings to yourself. Or nights. Pamper. Write. Read. Bake. Take a morning stroll.

11. Look at all you have. Wow.

12. They all have a story. They’re not as different as you think.

13. Forget what others think. Make time for it.

14. Be you, b/c God loves you the way you are. It doesn’t matter what others think.

15. Psychology, fantasy, sci-fi, try it all.

16. Bring the limit down. Then more. Then more. Do something else instead.

17. Don’t neglect yourself. Start thinking more about others. “Do unto others as you would like to be done to you.”

18. Even if you’re in it alone. It’ll be worth it.

19. You don’t do it much. Make it a key part. He wants you to talk to Him about anything and everything.

20. Observe. Create stories for them.


22. Research, discover!! Learn more!!

23. Pet them, play w/ them. They don’t have much time left.


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