Writing Tips for the Struggling Writer

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

NaBloPoMo #6

In no way, shape, or form do I have good writing tips since I’ve only just started. But here’s a little background on the novel I’m writing.

So I got the idea a little over a year ago–I’d say probably November 2013. It came to me in science class, and I literally got so excited to start planning. I knew I wasn’t going to write until I got my new laptop, so I didn’t really write much.

I finally got my laptop, and truth be told, I didn’t write. I don’t remember if it was laziness (probably), or lack of ideas but I just didn’t do it.

I probably tried writing the first chapter for six months before I finally just stopped. And then school started, so I had even less time and motivation to write.

But recently, I came across writing accounts on tumblr that got me super pumped to write. Because of this, I just finished writing the second chapter.

Tips on Starting

1. Don’t go into the story having a set plan. That can really limit you to what you can and how much you write.

2. That being said, of course have a plot set, and all of that, but don’t plan it to the exact detail. You need to let your fingers do the typing and your mind to do to the storytelling.

3. After you’ve written the first chapter, I’d say do “character portfolios”. I started doing these last night, and they’re really helping. Especially since I already have a pretty good feel for them since I just finished a chapter.

4. The first chapter is the hardest to write. It determines if a reader will stay with the book or not. My advice is to go ahead a skip the first chapter, and start writing the second one. By the time you get done writing five or six chapters, you might have a pretty good idea how to introduce your narrator.

5. Buy a fresh, clean notebook. Organize it. I did this yesterday since my other one was getting so full, and I’m so excited. So far I have in the journal is:

-It’s kind of like a daily writing entry. Basically says how I feel about the writing I did that day, how much I did, what I need to do, etc.

-Character portfolios. I’m making one for each major character. The minor characters will all be grouped in one, and the main protagonist.

-Writing Tasks. Basically what I need to do soon for the story to continue.

And those are all of my writing tips so far on getting started. Please remember I’m not a published author. I’m just starting out, and I thought this would help anyone who is struggling also.


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