Pressure to be Perfect

A lot of daily struggles for women–and I’m sure men also, but I’m speaking for a young woman’s perspective–is the pressure to be perfect.

When I was younger I was confused by these words. But during 2014 they made more and more sense.

Women are faced with the daily struggle to look put together, act put together, have the perfect friends, the perfect grades, excel in your sport or whatever it is you enjoy.

As I’m sure many women know, it’s exhausting always having to do things for the world, our society.

I think this post is just to let you know, to let me know, that it’s okay to wake up late, throw your hair in a ponytail, and to walk out the door.

It’s okay to look unhappy when you’re with people you don’t care about being with.

To say no to parties, or dinners, or dates that you don’t want to do.

To quit that sport because you’ve lost all interest because the pressure took away your love for it.

To take a break from your math problems, or your essays, or your problems in general for a walk in the park or excessive baking or just taking a twelve hour nap.

To be friends with people you know love you, and not because your parents expect you to have the senior class president boyfriend, the straight-A best friend.

Start living your life for you because ladies, the time is now.

As Emma Watson said: “If not me, who? If not now, when?”


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