Friends are by far one of the most important things in my life.

I’ve always been an introverted type of person–I’m pretty sure everyone who ever meets me gets that right off the bat. For me, being an introverted person means having a hard time sharing “feelings”, and I have to recharge after being with people.

That’s always been how I function, and thankfully, my friends are finally understanding that while I do like to hang out with them and go places, sometimes I just need to be alone. As crazy as it sounds to an extroverted type, I love being alone; I really do.

I don’t open up much (my friends dub my face as “emotionless” LOL)  and when I do, I’m really glad I have my select friends to open up to. Although they might not always get what I’m trying to convey, they’re still there and I’m really grateful for that.

It’s also so cool to have those select friends where you can literally be making a joke one second, and be talking about something completely different the next–whether that be politics, or feelings, or whatever.

(Note to Self: Do a blog post about things you’ve learned, etc for 2014. i.e. friendships you’ve made, new things you’ve found out about yourself and the world)

One of my closest best friends and I always send videos or silly pictures we find from tumblr together and that’s honestly one of the best relationships I feel you can have because at the same time we do talk about worldly things.

It’s hard for me to convey how much I really do love my best friends because I’m really not the “intimate” type. See, I even put intimate in quotes to make it less like an awkward word even when it really isn’t.

I just really needed to write this post so when I actually do feel real isolation, I can think of the friends who have my back at all times. And I hope they know I have theirs too.

Goodnight (although it’s currently 2:45 in the afternoon), you owls.


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