Imagine? It is.

Too many topics in today’s society are brushed off. I’m sure even with that one statement, something popped into your head.

I often wonder why is that? I mean sure, we hear the stories, are outraged by them, but we don’t take any action.

Imagine: A girl is in a store, shopping for groceries when she’s hears a man exclaiming loudly behind her. She’s a feminist, and she hears the man expressing misogyny in a very discrediting way. “THIS IS A CHANCE TO DO SOMETHING,” her brain shouts at herself. She takes one look of the man behind her, and walks on.  Next time, she thinks, next time I will definitely do something.

Imagine: A man goes in for a job interview, wearing his Sunday best. It was his nicest suit and had taken a year for his mother to save up for it. He walks through the office door. The manager takes one look at him, his facial features scowling ever so slightly. Even though the man is perfect for the job, Mr.Manager can’t seem to forget the man is black. He is denied of the job, as well as his car, and his mother’s house. He sells the suit, knowing his mother would cry if she found out. That is what is needed to survive in the home of the free.

Imagine: You are walking home from a late night shift. You clutch your purse, glancing around the darkened buildings. You hear footsteps near by and start walking quicker with your hand pulling out the pepper spray your mom told you to keep in your purse since you were thirteen. You spy a movement in the corner of your eye, and you whip your head towards the group of four young men. Catcalls, hand gestures, and obscene comments spout your way has you keep walking, on the verge of jogging. You hold back your tongue, knowing it’ll only cause you trouble; you’re almost to your apartment anyways, right?

“She was asking for it,” One of the boys say. You were wearing your work attire. (Author´s Note: I am not saying that attire means you deserved to be raped. That statement signifies the reason some people think a person deserved to be raped whether it was her/his clothing or how she/he looked. In absolutely no way do I agree with it.)

They aren’t indicted for their attempted rape. They’re just boys, they all say. It’s a part of growing up. He has a football scholarship; We’d hate to see it go away on one mistake.

Things like this happen on a daily basis, in your town, and with people you know.

T.S. Eliot wrote: “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Whether or not you’re the victim, keep fighting. It will be the roots of change for future generations.


This blog post was inspired by the injustices people in this nation face everyday. I found an article today (linked) that, quite honestly, outraged me.  I strongly suggest reading this blog post written by Clare. 

Also, so this post isn’t completely derived of the holiday spirit: Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe it’s only three days away? To be honest, I probably won’t take my decorations down for awhile. 

Goodnight, you owls.


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