1:30 am

There’s something about the nighttime that soothes me. This is the time when I feel most awake, when I can go outside and look at the stars glistening in the dark sky. They twinkle, if you look closely. They are dying.

1:32. The silence is too kind, and too frightening. You’re walking home on the streets of your hometown. It’s cold, almost 21 degrees, but your boyfriend made you walk home anyway. You plan on dumping his sorry-bum as soon as you get the chance, as soon as you’re both in public, where he’ll be embarrassed. The silence is scary.

1:34. You can hear the silence. The click-clack of your keyboard, the footsteps of your cat outside your bedroom window. You think of the people waking up around the world right now. Their arms stretched above their heads, hands covering their mouths as they yawn. Someone might even get burned while pouring their first cup of coffee. They don’t mind though; it’s a weekend, no stress yet. Christmas is coming.

1:37. You’re surrounded by people who do nothing other than talk, talk, talk. Don’t they know it’s so much better to hear what they love than what they hate? They stretch their mouth, tired of frowning all day in a world of black and white, cookie cutter personalities, even though everyone is not as they seem.

Why do they pretend everything is all right? Why can’t we just be there for each other? Succeeding in failing to judge, to stifle the laughter as someone makes a mistake, as you have? Right then, you laughed at them, messed with their self-confidence the third time that day. They were already nervous coming into school, why make them suffer more?

As Jimi Hendrix put it: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”


I realize that might’ve been quite a first post (I haven’t even read it yet), I have important reasons (in my opinion). I am trying to get back into the swing of writing. I apologize in advance for any…well…unexpected posts. It’s 1:46, and I’m wide awake but I figure I might as well try to go to sleep. Goodnight, you owls. 


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