Do We Have the Six Principles of the Constitution in Today´s Political Environment?

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The first principle of the Constitution is Limited Government. Limited government is a restriction on government. Basically, it means the government cannot do whatever it wants to do. In the Constitution, this is found in Article one, section 2, clause 3 (1.2.3.) It is also found in 1.9.2-7. In these clauses, the founding fathers explicitly place limitations on the government, such as the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended and also no tax should be placed on articles from any state. It’s also found in 3.3.2, which says that Congress has the power to declare punishment of treason, but there should be no attainder. 

The second principle is the separation of powers. This is implemented by the three different branches of government, which is the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Each of these branches does a specific job; legislate→ makes laws; executive→ enforces laws; judicial→ interprets laws. In the Constitution, this can be found in 1.3.6, where it states that the Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. Also, in 2.2.3 it states that the President shall have the power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the senate. Another example from the Constitution is 3.2.2 where it says that the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction in all cases affecting public ministers.

The third principle is checks and balances. This is the three government branches checking up on each other and making sure one another doesn’t have more power than the others. In the Constitution, this is explicitly shown in 1.7.4 stating that the president shall approve orders passed by the Senate and vice versa. It is also shown in 2.2.2, stating that after the president appoints public ministers, the Senate will have to show 2/3 approval. Also, in article one, the legislative branch is created, and in article 2, the executive branch is created. 

The fourth principle is federalism or more simply, the division of powers. This is basically the division between state and national government. In the Constitution, this is shown in 1.10.1-3. These clauses basically state limitations on what the state cannot do; such as, entering into a treaty, laying import or export duties, or keeping troops during times of peace. Another example is Amendment 10, where it gives powers not stated in the Constitution to the states or the people. Also in 6.2, it states that laws and treaties made under the Constitution, will be the supreme law of the land. 

The fifth principle is popular sovereignty, which is essentially giving power to the people. This mainly stems from John Locke’s Social Contract Theory that if the people don’t like their government, it is in their power to change it. In 2.1.3, the Constitution states that each state shall have representatives that vote based on that state´s votes, thereby giving power to the people through those representing their state. Also in 1.2.1, it says that the House of Representatives Members will be chosen every 2 years by the people. Another example is Amendment 10, where it gives powers not stated in the Constitution to the states or the people.

Lastly, the sixth principle is judicial review. Judicial review is the Supreme Court reviewing whether a law is constitutional or not. In the Constitution, this is implied in 3.2.1, which states that ¨The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution.¨ An example of judicial review being used is in the case of Marbury v Madison. It’s also found in 3.1.1, which says that judicial power will be in one supreme court and will ordain and establish.

So, tell us…Do we have the six principles of the Constitution in today’s political environment?

Learn Better. Know Better. Vote Better.

Where I´ve Been

Wow. So, it´s been a year since I last wrote. That´s crazy. I didn´t forget to write. I just didn´t.

I completed my junior year of high school about two months ago. My senior year starts next week. And it has been quite the year.

I´ll have to do a full rundown in my own journal later, but I´ll give y´all the tl;dr.

My junior year was full of self discovery. And sadness. And anger. And happiness. It was a whirlwind of emotions like I´ve never felt before. I became someone. I became someone I´ve wanted to be. On the outside, at least.

The inside is a different story, but, nonetheless, an important one. Probably the most important.

I´ll explain later.


How I Stay Organized: Lilly Pulitzer Agenda


Let´s start with the type of agenda I have: Lilly Pulitzer. I really love this agenda; it does a great job of keeping everything neat and contained, but after experimenting with a few different things over the years, I think I might move from an agenda to a bullet journal in the upcoming school year. (Update: I wrote this two months ago and to confirm, I am definitely doing a bullet journal this upcoming school year!)

FullSizeRender (4)

Day to Day: (For this certain agenda) My school schedule does 8 classes a day. For each day, I would write out the subject and leave it a line to fill in that day´s assignments. I would also make sure to put check boxes beside each one because it honestly makes you feel good when you start your work early and your tasks start dwindling down.

The last semester of school I started putting motivational or character quotes on the last line of each day. I really enjoyed doing this because it helped me stay focused and myself at the start of each day. A little reminder, if you will.

Monthly: In the photo I showed you October and September, I think? September is definitely the one with the sticky note.

Since I have 7 classes I had to keep up with, each class had its own color. Example: Chem–peach, Latin–purple, Math–blue, English–pink, APUSH–mint. I also had a certain color for extracurriculars. This changed throughout the year, but I believe towards the end of the year, it was black, just so it would stand out.

Overall: I really enjoyed keeping this agenda throughout the year. I especially liked the overview of the month before the day to days began. I´m going to have to incorporate that into my bullet journal somehow. Another thing I liked was that it was so vibrant. While my bullet journal won´t be like this during the fall and winter months, I really liked how Lilly kept the theme throughout the year.

Recently Finished Books

Y´all. It has been six months since I last posted. I cannot even believe that…(Okay, yes, I can. Sorry!)

I would ~try~ to catch y´all up on my life, but I´d be writing forever. Here´s the gist of it.

  • School
  • Show Choir
  • Family Drama
  • Working on myself and life

So yeah, that´s basically it. But, now that summer is here, I am back at it! I got out of school May 27th, I think, and since about a week ago I´ve been taking a mind break. Okay, maybe not a mind break, more like taking the pressure off of myself so I don´t burnout. Yeah, that´s it.

I actually am in the middle of taking that break since I´m pretty sure I´m on the brink of burnout. When I came to that realization, I was so scared. That can´t happen to me. I decided that no matter what anyone else is doing with their life right now (I have a bad habit of comparing myself to amazing, successful people) I have to take care of myself for my future.

And that´s exactly what I´m doing.

I took the ACT for the first time this past Saturday–(I went in blind, didn´t study, just looked over test format, etc.)–and I´m anxious to know what I got. I have to take it again this fall, with studying. So much to do for junior year! But let´s not think about that, G. Let´s relax and enjoy this week before you start your AP Summer work.

Let´s get on with the post, shall we?

The week before finals, I discovered a book series. This is the worst thing to happen, if you´re a book guru, like me. You know that you can´t just start a book you fell in love with and set it aside for a week. You just can´t. The characters are too enticing, the plot is thickening, and AGH. You finish the first two books when you should be studying.

This book series is called the Age of Legends. First book: Sea of Shadows; Second book: Empire of Night; Third book: Forest of Ruin (which I´m currently reading, along with a marvelous non-fiction book!)

I have not found a series that I´ve completely engulfed myself in since January (The Trylle series and the spin-off, if you remember…if I did a blog post…I don´t remember.)

I 110% recommend reading this series if you´re looking for a nice, thrilling, fantasy book.

Here´s a link to the synopsis.

That´s all I have for you today, folks! If you have any book recommendations, please leave them below! I´m always looking for new books of any genre to read.

xx, G





My New Year´s Resolutions 2016

Happy January Third! Tomorrow (4th) is the last day of Winter Break for me. I am about to start my to-do list for tomorrow since I want this week to go as smoothly and as organized as possible.

I also just received the show choir rehearsal schedule and there´s so many hours and days committed to it this January! If you remember from last year, I did soccer this time of year (I´m not sure if I´ve mentioned, but I´ve had to drop out of that…) and even though we had practice every day and games too, that was only for 2-4 hours!

Show Choir is at least 3-8 hours. I´ll be doing a few organization posts soon so get ready! I really don´t want to put my blog on hold as I get busier because I really enjoy it.

Anyways, let´s get to the point of this post.

1. Write in journal more.

2. Eat healthier. I really let myself go in 2015.

3. Exercise at least four times a week. With all the sitting I do, I need to get moving.

4. Stay true to yourself. You´re you for a reason, so don´t conform.

5. Don´t dumb yourself down. 

6. Read one book per week!

7. Actually plan Unknown. You know what you have to do to get the result you want.

8. Stay away from negative influences and keep a positive and disciplined mind. 

9. Wake up each morning with a positive outlook on the day. 

10. Free read at least five minutes each day…your brain will thank you.

11. Don´t go out if you don´t want to go out. Stop letting others pressure you into making decisions you know aren´t right for you.

12. Don´t let the people who think you can´t do it get stuck in your mind.

13. Go at least one week without social media for each month…(Currently doing this!)

14. Just because other people like doing nothing all day, doesn´t mean you have to!

So, that´s all of them! I also wrote academic resolutions, but I´m just going to keep those to myself.

As for my one week without social media, I started it last Wednesday, so     I´ll be doing a blog post on how that went!

For those wondering, the books I´m currently reading are:

  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
  • Introvert Power by Laurie Helgoe, PhD.


¨Get up, get coffee, get on with it.¨ -Unknown







Recently Finished Books: December 2015

First book review of the New Year! Okay, it´s from last year, but hey.

I just finished two trilogies (Is that grammatically correct?); one was called From the World of the Trylle: The Kanin Chronicles and the other was called The Trylle Trilogy. 

Both are so good. I am actually about to start re-reading the latter one…I usually don´t re-read them so quickly, so this definitely says something about how good they are.

I would suggest reading The Trylle Trilogy first because the other one gives away spoilers. I read The Kanin Chronicles first and I already knew who the main character, Wendy, was and who she would marry and a bunch of other spoilers I did not want to know. 

Because of this, it was a bit harder to get into the book, but such great characters were introduced that I absolutely fell in love and I did my best to forget their adult selves in the other series.

The author is Amanda Hocking if you want to check them out at your local library or bookstore.

Quick story on how I stumbled across the first book of The Kanin Chronicles: Frostfire. I was at the bookstore and of course, covers/spines of books always draw people in and Frostfire´s spine is a beautiful red with lovely font, so of course, I grabbed the book! After looking at the cover (and deeming it beautiful), I read the synopsis on the back, then I moved on to reading about thirty pages (a way for me to figure out if I´ll like the book or not).

I read this book super quickly when I got home, but then I didn´t get its companion novels for a few months. When Christmas break began, I re-read Frostfire, read the second book of the series Ice Kissed, then finished Crystal Kingdom, the final book. It´s safe to say the last two books brought me to tears.

I don´t know about y´all, but I love acting as the characters. So, throughout the novel I do that too.

I then started The Trylle Trilogy and I kid you not I started it around 7pm one night and finished them the next day by 1pm. Seriously. I finished the first two books at night, then read until I had about 150 pages of the third book to fall asleep. That´s how great and captivating this series is.

Amanda Hocking completely divulges you into this greatly developed world where you want to stay and live and experience it for yourself, and you do, but unfortunately, we all know we have to set the book down sometime and get back to living our own life 😦

Although The Trylle Trilogy did inspire me to eat more fruits and The Kanin Chronicles inspired me to workout and be a bad butt.

As school is looming nearer and nearer (I start on the 5th), I´m falling back into a productive routine. Tonight, my bedtime is 1am and I am going to wake up at 9am to start my day and get going. I´m also buying some school supplies tomorrow so I´m super excited for that.

Oh! On the topic of books, one of my goals this year is to read at least 52 books (although I´ll definitely read more with spring and summer break). My New Year´s and Academic Resolutions will be posted soon, as will my At a Glance: 2015 post!

Happy Reading!

¨An unexamined life is not worth living.¨-Socrates

Baking with Me: Vanilla Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Frosting

Coming at you with a baking post today! I feel like I haven´t done one of these in so long. But last night, around 9pm, I made these delicious vanilla cupcakes with (store-bought…don´t judge me! I usually make my own, but I didn´t have the ingredients) cream cheese frosting.

I had one today and they are seriously so, so good. I definitely recommend.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
All the ingredients that are needed for this recipe. Really basic stuff so you probably already have these in your kitchen.

After mixing all the ingredients together (make sure you follow the directions or they won´t turn out right!), I put the batter in the muffin tin with cute Christmas liners. To have even cupcakes after they bake, I smooth/flatten them out with a spoon. Works like a charm!


Afterwards, I iced the cupcakes with my new icing tips! They made the cupcakes look so much better. I´m so glad I bought them.

Following icing the cupcakes, I used different Christmas sprinkles to decorate them. My friend, who was my secret Santa for a party I attended on Monday, bought me a Christmas cupcake kit so the Christmas toppers you see in the featured photo is from that kit.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The finished product!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas filled with happiness. Let´s keep those who don´t have a family, shelter, or love in our hearts as we celebrate this holiday.

¨I try to maintain a healthy dose of daydreaming to remain sane.¨ —Florence Welch